The All-New Nimbl “Evolution” Camper is Now Full Carbon Fiber and Top Tier

The Nimbl camper is evolving continuously; this last year, the design and production team have focused on improving technology, molds, sourcing, and production. This new-generation camper aims to bridge the gap between the luxurious traveler and a highly capable overland vehicle by continuing to incorporate the amenities and services one might expect of a top-of-the-range […]

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The Bell Family Nimbl Experience

Allow me to introduce myself and my family. We were born in Africa and together have spent the last 13 years chasing incredible experiences and adventure across five continents. We have traveled overland from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro, circumnavigated South America, completed the Pan -Am journey from Argentina to Alaska before exploring Europe to Asia […]

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Nimbl Vehicles Camper Factory Visit With Graeme Bell

Nimbl Campers was born out of the remnants of XP Campers which was sold at auction in August 2019. Jon Turner, Judd Newman, and investors saw an opportunity and invested in a business that they rightly believed had incredible potential. Currently, the company’s order book is full, and plans are afoot to expand production by […]

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Nimbl Evolution Camper Review (Originally Featured in Expedition Portal)

The Donner Pass has a formidable reputation, and this festive winter found a South African family driving a marvelous vehicle over record depths of ice and snow—white-knuckled. Us Southern Hemisphere people know as much about snow as you might about sangomas and umqombothi, and to be perfectly honest, we avoid the white stuff as we travel the world. […]

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Highlights from 2021 for the Next Year in Expedition Vehicles

2021 was a year of unprecedented trials and milestones from COVID regulations to economic shifts to supply chain challenges. Despite all of that, there was one thing that remained untouched: the value of independence, autonomy, and connection:• Independence in doing what we love to do in life when we want to do it,• Autonomy so […]

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Innovation in the Next Evolution in Overlanding & Expedition Vehicles

Innovation in the next Evolution in Overlanding & Expedition Vehicles.

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How Does Customer Service Celebrate the Spirit of Independence?

In celebration of the birth of our country, we put together a short video to commemorate our independence as a country, as individuals, and as a company. This spirit of independence is right there in our slogan, Freedom to Roam. And given Nimbl is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business whose owners have served […]

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The Lost Art of Customer Service - How Nimbl Has Redefined It

"Their customer service sucks" is a comment we hear quite often from owners of expedition vehicles who need something done, whether a retrofit, or an upgrade or just some maintenance. When did customer service become a second rate citizen in the world of expedition travel? Shortcuts Make Any Trip Unbearably Long We are all living […]

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A Guide to the Ancestral Hills of Nabusimake And The Native Arhuacos People

Finding Eden The coffee is good, inevitably enhanced by our location. A small finca deep in the Santa Marta hills with a slatted viewing platform overlooking a town called Minca. The building guards a lush coffee plantation and is encrusted with flaking layers white paint; the doors and window frames a ubiquitous blue, yellow and […]

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The Nimbl Evolution - Named #1 Truck Camper for Overlanding

The Nimbl Evolution was named the number 1 truck camper for Overlanding by Truck Camper Adventure. Read more to learn why!

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