The Nimbl family

Our campers are out in the wild. Taking the path less followed, and taking some amazing photographs and videos too! From the US and Mexico, Central and South America, Australia and beyond. Some of the owners contribute content for the Nimbl website and we thought it would be nice to include a small bio along with links to their website or social media accounts so you can travel along with them. Enjoy!

James & Claire Young


Claire and James are digital nomads, traveling full time in their camper. They are active on Instagram Facebook and YouTube with some great shots of their camper throughout North, Central and South America.
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Karl & Leah Wolf


Karl and Leah recently completed a full Pan American Highway trip. A one year blast through North, Central and South America. Check out their Instagram page for some amazing culture shots
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Dennis & Karen York


Dennis and Karen are recently retired and enjoying the nomadic lifestyle. Their plan is to travel the full length of the Pan American Highway. Starting with a trip north to Alaska, before heading South to Patagonia.
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