Best Truck Camper Rigs at the 2022 Overland Expo West

(This article was originally published in Truckcamperadventure.com on May 27th) When it comes to RV shows and truck campers, nothing beats the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff. Sure, you can find a handful of truck campers at the Elkhart RV Show and perhaps six or seven at the RV Supershow in Orlando, but when it […]

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Nimbl to Reveal New Carbon Fiber Monster Rig at Overland Expo West

(This article was originally published on May 9th on Truckcamperadventure.com) Nimbl Vehicles will reveal its new carbon fiber Evolution camper at the 2022 Overland Expo West, 20-22 May. To celebrate the big change, the company will be displaying the updated camper on a new platform, a Ford F550 sporting a custom service tray and size-41 super-single […]

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The All-New Nimbl “Evolution” Camper is Now Full Carbon Fiber and Top Tier

The Nimbl camper is evolving continuously; this last year, the design and production team have focused on improving technology, molds, sourcing, and production. This new-generation camper aims to bridge the gap between the luxurious traveler and a highly capable overland vehicle by continuing to incorporate the amenities and services one might expect of a top-of-the-range […]

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Nimbl Evolution Camper Review (Originally Featured in Expedition Portal)

The Donner Pass has a formidable reputation, and this festive winter found a South African family driving a marvelous vehicle over record depths of ice and snow—white-knuckled. Us Southern Hemisphere people know as much about snow as you might about sangomas and umqombothi, and to be perfectly honest, we avoid the white stuff as we travel the world. […]

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Photo of Jon Turner

Overland Journal Podcast - Interview With Nimbl Chief Engineer Jon Turner

Guest Bio: Jon TurnerJon is the Founder and Chief Engineer of Nimbl Vehicles. A lifetime traveler with a taste for adventure, Jon made his first international trip when he emigrated from England to the USA at 6 months of age. Since then he has traveled, lived, and worked as both soldier and engineer throughout North […]

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The Nimbl Evolution - Named #1 Truck Camper for Overlanding

The Nimbl Evolution was named the number 1 truck camper for Overlanding by Truck Camper Adventure. Read more to learn why!

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