The All-New Nimbl “Evolution” Camper is Now Full Carbon Fiber and Top Tier

The Nimbl camper is evolving continuously; this last year, the design and production team have focused on improving technology, molds, sourcing, and production. This new-generation camper aims to bridge the gap between the luxurious traveler and a highly capable overland vehicle by continuing to incorporate the amenities and services one might expect of a top-of-the-range […]

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Nimbl Evolution Camper Review (Originally Featured in Expedition Portal)

The Donner Pass has a formidable reputation, and this festive winter found a South African family driving a marvelous vehicle over record depths of ice and snow—white-knuckled. Us Southern Hemisphere people know as much about snow as you might about sangomas and umqombothi, and to be perfectly honest, we avoid the white stuff as we travel the world. […]

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Photo of Jon Turner

Overland Journal Podcast - Interview With Nimbl Chief Engineer Jon Turner

Guest Bio: Jon TurnerJon is the Founder and Chief Engineer of Nimbl Vehicles. A lifetime traveler with a taste for adventure, Jon made his first international trip when he emigrated from England to the USA at 6 months of age. Since then he has traveled, lived, and worked as both soldier and engineer throughout North […]

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The Nimbl Evolution - Named #1 Truck Camper for Overlanding

The Nimbl Evolution was named the number 1 truck camper for Overlanding by Truck Camper Adventure. Read more to learn why!

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