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Freedom to Roam

A marriage of craftsmanship, agility, and independence. When we set out to create the ideal expedition vehicle, we knew we had our work cut out for us. In developing a product that was befitting of the need to create “home” for our drivers, as well as meet all of the capabilities and requirements of the durable off-road vehicles that have dominated the Overland world for decades - we had personified that goal as Nimbl. Our team built a truck and camper system that is all things to a community of explorers that live and survive on the capabilities of their vehicle. More of a partner than a tool, our truck is the complete expedition experience - able to power through the conditions and experiences of life on the road. The end result was the most complete expedition vehicle our engineers could create - the Nimbl Evolution.

Your Chassis or Ours!

We feature the new, Best-in-Class Ford F-350 Super Duty 4x4 with 7.3 liter “Godzilla” gas motor, but build our campers on Chevrolet/GMC and (Dodge) RAM 1-ton trucks as well. The experience is designed around your needs, so bring your vehicle in and we'll build around it!

Uni-body design
48 Gallon Fuel Tank
10 Speed Automatic
Custom Forged Rear Leaf Pack
Ride Height:
35" Tires w/ 2.5 Inch Lift
A Good Nights Sleep

The Ford F-Series has been the best selling truck line in the USA for 43 years. We chose the tried-and-true Ford F350 as the perfect pairing for our capable habitat engineering. The F350 is the premier heavy duty truck on the market, with the most enduring platform. It has performed through the day-to-day rigors of heavy hauls, hard contractor work, and the trials of ranch life in every season and climate.

Its features and platform are strategically integrated to suit a core need in the expedition vehicle market: to live well while traveling without restriction. Out of the many adventure vehicles on the market today, none instinctively integrate these two needs. The Nimbl Evolution fills this gap and blends the best of both worlds.

Side Schematic 1
Side Schematic 2
Front Schematic 1

Hello Home

Total amenities. Zero frills. The Nimbl Evolution’s habitat is designed with functional creature comforts so you can take care of what’s most important on the road - yourself. Ideal for two, the habitat is well appointed for daily tasks: cooking, personal hygiene, relaxing in the custom upholstered dinette (which can be converted into a second bed for the little ones), and enjoying a great night’s sleep in the queen size, memory foam bed.

Monocoque Design & Build

One seamless form. Zero seams and cracks. The ultimate thermal block. The Nimbl habitat is strong, light, and comfortable thanks to its seamless monocoque composite structure. It’s all one piece, like a motorcycle helmet or yacht. We invest 1000 hours of American craftsmanship to hand-lay our unique combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Crafted to fit as one complete unit atop the F350 truck — or any 1-ton platform you may choose — our habitat is lightweight and aerodynamic, with a lifting roof and rooftop solar panels. The quarters are functional, yet sacrifice little in the way of convenience.


Smooth in the roughest of terrains. We built our product to thrive in tough wilderness environments, and its suspension package is no exception.Our standard configuration includes 35” tires with one or two spares, ICON Vehicle Dynamics Coilovers in front matched to ICON remote reservoir shocks at each corner, and custom forged rear axle leaf-packs that eliminate lift blocks to maximize flex while minimizing axle wrap. The Evolution is engineered both to handle technical trails and maintain road manners at highway speeds.

Power Train

Durability and performance are at the core of the Nimbl Evolution, but we also know the importance of serviceability. The 2020 Ford F350 introduces a variety of new features along with the legendary durability and easy servicing trusted by hard-working drivers for generations. Our F350 comes equipped with Ford’s new 7.3L V8 “Godzilla” Engine mated to their new TorqShift Ten-Speed Automatic Transmission. Our configuration includes front and rear lockers and a 48 gallon fuel tank.

Engine Choice

Why gasoline and not diesel? Historically, diesel engines have been durable and trouble free, but modern diesels are plagued with emission issues (sensors, DPF, DEF system, etc.) that can lock you into limp mode without warning,requiring a trip to the dealer. They also require ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD) and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF or urea) – neither of which are reliably available outside of Europe and North America.


Some expedition camper companies will tell you that you have to settle for a huge and heavy commercial truck chassis – F-450, F-550, or even larger! We engineer all the features and comfort you want into the lightweight and aerodynamic package you need. The Nimbl Evolution can be comfortably and safely mounted on almost any 1-ton pickup truck (Ford F350 or Chevy/RAM 3500). Service, loans, insurance, and licensing are all a breeze when your camper is based on a Personal instead of a Commercial vehicle.

How to Buy

The Nimbl Evolution is set to be the premier Expedition Vehicle available on the market. With a platform primed for capability and functionality - your destinations are open ended. Get in touch with us to experience the next step Expedition Vehicle Evolution.

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