Expedition Portal test the Nimbl Evolution

Expedition Portal, the leading authority in overland-ready expedition vehicles, brings you up close and personal in this brand new in-depth video, putting you behind the wheel of the groundbreaking Nimbl Evolution.

Coffee Run

In a Nimbl vehicle, every errand is an expedition.

Freedom to Roam

Leave limitations in the dust with the camper built for adventurers, by adventurers.

Going that extra mile

In a Nimbl vehicle, self-sufficient exploration is fueled by American craftsmanship and unrivaled technology.

Nimbl & Battle Born Batteries

Nimbl runs on fully maintenance and generator-free free batteries for reliable off-grid power, wherever you are.

Overland Journal Podcast with Jon Turner

Scott Brady interviews Nimbl's Chief Engineer Jon Turner in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada about his life experiences and what lead him to world of overlanding.

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