The rebrand

Adventure has a new name. XPCamper has a legendary reputation in Overland culture. Their product has traversed many of the world’s most difficult climates, providing protection and comfort amid a plethora of challenging environments.

When Our Team set out to create the Nimbl product, our goal was to build a brand that took the lessons learned with XPCamper and employ them in a product that reached new heights. Nimbl captures everything we want an Expedition Vehicle to be — durable, comfortable, functional, lightweight, and most importantly, limitless. Our brand is built on the shoulders of a vibrant, versed community. The future is adventure, the future is Nimbl.

the rebuild

With the guidance of passionate motoring and overland enthusiasts, the Nimbl set about creating an overland product that would combine the best of two worlds - the comfort and features and of the larger, more equipped vehicles, but the capabilities and nuance of the smaller overlanding vehicles. With that in mind they achieved the Nimbl Evolution with:

  • A new platform - the Ford F350
  • Redesigned and heavily engineered habitat
  • Modern suspension for the rigorous trials of overlanding
  • A nimbl vehicle - that can take you anywhere

Going that extra mile

In a Nimbl vehicle, self-sufficient exploration is fueled by American craftsmanship and unrivaled technology.

Adventure has a new name.

All that Nimbl is and stands for began with a single goal: agility. We dreamed of a vehicle that is free to roam on any terrain, in any climate, in any circumstance.

This is the heart of Nimbl.

Why the change?

When Judd Newman and Jon Turner got connected to the XPCamper brand, they knew they had found their great adventure. The company’s legacy provided the perfect cornerstone for creating not only a brand-new line of expedition vehicles, but for growing an already-strong community of travelers. Nimbl seeks to continue XPCamper’s journey with updated technology, stronger design, and a customer service experience that is more akin to entering a partnership than just buying a vehicle

THe future of nimbl

With the launch of the Nimbl Evolution, we are setting a new standard in expedition vehicles. Built atop the all-new 2020 Ford F350 - complete with the newest 7.3L V8 motor for durability and easy servicing - our sturdy, aerodynamic habitats bring together years of design, product refinement, testing, and feedback from overlanding experts. We’re proud of what we’ve made, but this doesn’t mean we’re done creating. As we continue to distil ideas and customer needs into new Nimbl designs, we will focus on expanding our range while staying true to our mission: creating vehicles with ultimate agility.

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